Season 1 - Episode 2

EPISODE 2 - The Pathogen


If you like having a brain but don't really care about having skin, please listen to this episode.

Besides getting to stay home from school, what's happening when we actually get sick? Episode two is all about the things that make us sick, why it sucks to be a carpenter ant, and what's so great about a lymph node (whatever that is). Now let's get our epidemic started!






Dr. Greg Moran

Greg is a Clinical Professor of Emergency Medicine who's specialty is Infectious Disease. He works at Olive View-UCLA Medical Center.


Dr. Jessica Mason

Jessica is currently an education fellow at the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) Fresno. She is a writer and co-host of the Foolyboo podcast This Won’t Hurt a Bit. Jessica is also a medical contributor to EM:RAP and a ventriloquist.


Dr. Mizuho Morrison Spangler

Mizuho is an Assistant professor of Emergency Medicine at LA County USC Medical center.