Season 1 - Episode 4

EPISODE 4 - Getting the Message


The Nox Virus spreads. We find out how much we rely on digital communication. 

The epidemic has ratcheted up another notch. The kids begin to get a sense of things - thanks to our wonderful digital communication system that we all rely on. In this episode we explore communication, how it can help fight an epidemic, how it can make things worse, and more importantly how we can all be oversharing at the same time. Also, what does this have to do with Paul Revere? Digital!






Prof. Urbashi Mitra

Urbashi is a Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Computer Science at USC's School of Engineering. Her research has focussed on problems in communication theory, information theory, and signal processing. While her early work centered on wireless communication systems as motivated by commercial applications, her current research endeavors to address fundamental questions at the boundaries of communication, estimation, and control for science.


Ray Raphael

Ray's fifteen books include A Peoples History of the American Revolution: How Common People Shaped the Fight for Independence (2001) and Founding Myths: Stories That Hide Our Patriotic Past (2004). He is also co-editor of Revolutionary Founders: Rebels, Radicals, and Reformers in the Making of the Nation (2011). Having taught at Humboldt State University and College of the Redwoods and all subjects in a one-room public high school, he is now a full-time researcher and writer. He lives in Northern California.


Tom Sawanobori

Tom is the Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of the Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association (or CTIA). He is responsible for technology and technical matters concerning spectrum, network evolution, cybersecurity and device certification to benefit CTIA’s members and to serve as a technical resource to policymakers. He has 22 years of technology planning, network engineering and operational experience for Verizon, including lead planner for Verizon Wireless’ 4G LTE network.