The kids continue their journey. We explore the zombie brain.

The bike ride to Vandenburg continues, the kids think about the past, and we find out what happened to the parents. Also, speaking of remembering the past, thinking about stuff, and other things zombies don’t do, what does it take to get into a zombie state of mind? If you’ve been wondering that since the first episode then you’re finally in luck because in this episode we explore the zombie brain! (Or what’s left of it). And what does all that mushy stuff in your skull have to do with seahorses and cauliflower? We’ll totally find out!


The kids run into a problem. We explore the physiology of the zombie body.

As the kids continue to test the limits of human exhaustion we discuss the much maligned zombie body. If you’ve ever asked a zombie, “what keeps you going?” you’ve probably gotten a variety of answers that rhyme with the sound you make when phlegmatically exhaling. That’s why we asked doctors and other experts instead! Other things we mention that are totally related: hibernating bears, leprosy, drinking blood, and morse code. By the end of this episode you’ll also know: a) if buying that cabin in woods was a waste of money and b) what zombies should smell like.