Season 1 - Episode 6

EPISODE 6 - Drying Out


The kids lose water. We find out why water is the key to survival.

They make it back with the solar panel but now they have a new problem - there's no more water. The kids have to figure out how to stay hydrated but they will also have a big decision to make. In this episode we'll look at where our water comes from and how important it is to our survival. Also, we've got some killer tips on where to find water without sipping from the toilet, how to stay safe when drinking poopy water, and whether you should drink your own urine.






Melinda Rho

"I can do it." A two-time cancer survivor, this was the principle by which Melinda A. Rho lived. An early, strong female science and engineering leader and a devotee to her family, Melinda dedicated her 37-year career at the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power to making water safe and trustworthy. Melinda, 64, passed away on May 21, 2019.


Dale Kawada

Dale worked as a filtration plant associate engineer for the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power for 25 years. He retired in 2017.


Dan Baird

Internationally renowned as a primitive survival specialist, Dan Baird is one of world’s foremost providers of top-tier wilderness survival training and global back-country survival expeditions.

Dan’s ground-breaking survival training programs, California Survival School and WilderSkills, are responsible for teaching primitive living skills and modern survival tactics to more people each year than any other survival training programs in the world.


Maggie Carolan

Maggie was an undergrad at Virginia Tech and is now a PhD student at the University of Iowa where she designs functionalized nanofiber materials to remove uranium from ground and surface water for application in treatment and sensing devices. Ultimately, she hopes to expand her focus to capturing a range of contaminants beyond uranium for incorporation into point of entry or point of use drinking water treatment technology.