Season 1 - Episode 7

EPISODE 7 - Starving Time


The kids decide to hit the road in search of food and safety. We find out how crazy our food supply is.

The kids have hit the road and are on their way to safety.  En route they stop for food, and produce some hormones. In this episode we get a small peak at our crazy food network as we dissect a pizza. We'll also mention artichokes 9 times, talk to a tomato, and find out why we don't put stuff used to preserve dead people in our milk anymore.






Joyce E. Chaplin, PhD

Joyce E. Chaplin, BA (Northwestern), MA (Johns Hopkins), PhD (Johns Hopkins), is the James Duncan Phillips Professor of Early American History in the Department of History at Harvard University, where she teaches the histories of science, climate, colonialism, and environment.


Prof. Ken Albala

Ken is Professor of History at the University of the Pacific He has authored or edited 25 books on food and co-authored "The Lost Art of Real Cooking" and "The Lost Arts of Hearth and Home."


Suzanne Junod

Suzanne was born and raised in Decatur, Georgia just outside of Atlanta. She received her MA and Ph.D. in the History of Medicine from Emory University, where she was fortunate to study with James Harvey Young, who was the first visiting scholar at the NLM History of Medicine Division in the 1980s. She came to Washington in 1984 to take a job as the first professionally trained historian at FDA